5* 250g Coffee bags limited amounts

Works for all brew methods, we have found the coffees have slightly more interesting notes with drip brews.
These coffees are all beautiful and they will tickle your taste buds

Hope Foundry
60% Brazil & 40% Timor-Leste.
Notes: Chocolate, Caramel & Honey with walnut biscuit & a balanced body finish

Mabgate Mills Blend
60% El Salvador & 40% Rwanda
Notes:  Red berry, sweet stewed plum, caramel & chocolate with a balanced body

Rwanda - Vunga
Process: Washed  & African drying beds
Notes: Dark Chocolate, Plum & Apple. acidity and round.

NICARAGUA - Esperanza
Process: Red Honey
Notes: Floral, Brown sugar, Tea-like, Caramel

Timor-Leste - Raimutin
Process: Honey
Notes: Poached Pear, Nougat with creamy body 

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