Burundi - Busasa

Notes: Green Apple, Black Cherry and Assam. Sweet medium acidity fruity body.

Region: Ruvubu, Muyinga Province
Altitude: 1650 - 1800 MASL
Process: Natural 
Varietal:  Red Bourbon

One of the fantastic partners we work with in Burundi is Zuberi Matsitsi, owner of Matraco Coffee. One of his stations, Busasa, is located in the northern province of Muyinga.

The station’s altitude ranges from 1600 – 1800 MASL. Busasa is managed by the coffee washing station manager called Daniel Sayumwe.

Busasa’s coffee washing station was built in 2014 and consists of 6 full time staff and 150 casual seasonal workers. The station has a total of 151 african drying beds and works with a total of 1,600 farmers that supply cherries from the surrounding hills. 

The annual production of the station is 650 MT of cherries. The average drying time for the station’s naturals is 35 days, and washed is 20 days.

In Burundi, we work to secure higher profits for both coffee producers and employees of station staff alike.

As of December 2019, Raw Material has established a production and exportation branch in Burundi, through the construction of a washing station and export company. The construction of a centralised washing station (not seen in all coffee producing countries) can serve also as a nucleus within a community. This localised position in a community can benefit producers by distributing needed agricultural products, as well as through ways to support the local community through funds, staff, and construction where needed.

RM Burundi works to create wide-reaching community benefits through and beyond the production and sale of coffee.


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