Rwanda DECAF

Region: Nyabihu, Gakenke and Nyamasheke,

Country: Rwanda
Altitude: 1500 - 2000 MASL
Variety:  Red Bourbon
Processing: Washed then CO2 Decaf
Producer Partner: Muraho Trading Company

Notes: Stewed red fruits, treacle & cocoa.

This CO2 decaf is a blend of coffees from the different washing stations in Rwanda through Muraho Trading Company. Muraho means ‘welcome’ or ‘hello’ in Kinyarwandan and is the perfect name for this decaf blend that represents some of the best coffees in Rwanda.
The coffees come from the Kilimbi, Rugali, Bumbogo and Vunga washing stations in the west and northern regions of Rwanda. The blend has been created to drive further volumes through Rwandan purchasing and in turn drive greater revenue to the washing stations and co-operatives.
The component coffees are all red bourbon, processed in the traditional Rwandan fully washed style with an average fermentation time of around 12 hours before being dried on raised beds.
The coffees are then shipped to Europe where they are decaffeinated in Germany using the CO2 process. In this chemical free process, soaked coffee beans are pressurised and CO2 is used as solvent to draw the caffeine out of the coffee leaving the flavour compounds behind and intact. The CO2 is then ready to be used to decaffeinate another batch
of coffee. The decaffeinated coffee is then dried and is ready to roast.

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