Mexico - Muxbal

Notes: Papaya, Strawberry, redcurrant. Smooth Body with a chocolate acidity.
Farmer: Jorge Gallarde
Location: Union Juarez
Varietal: Mundo Novo, Bourbon
Altitude: 1500- 2000
Process: Washed
Finca Muxbal is located in southern Chiapas, right on the border with Guatemala. The farm is located close to both the Tacana and Tajumulco volcanoes which provide an abundance of minerals that enrich the region’s soil. The name Muxbal means ‘place surrounded by clouds’ in the local Mame language. Finca Muxbal sits on a raised plateau surrounded by these clouds, which affords the benefit of a flat area to grow coffee, as well as considerable air flow and moisture from the surrounding climate.

We work with Jorge Gallardo, the owner of Muxbal, his mother Maeggi, to pilot a smallholder program with some of the permanent employees at Muxbal. Most of these employees are also smallholder farmers in their own right. With Jorge and Maeggi, we have established a program to buy the employees’ parchment through Finca Muxbal, and finish the drying using Jorge’s beds and dryers to increase the value and thus profitability for these smallholder producers.

This is a beautiful region and group of producers to support, don’t miss out!

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