China - Kongque

Notes: Almond, apple & dark chocolate, sweet with a citrus acidity

Farm: Yunman

Varietal: Catimor

Processing: Fully washed

Altitude:1400 - 1600masl


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In China, it’s believed that KongQue, the peacock, brings good fortunes to the families whose land he nests on. Trust KongQue to lead you to the right place, like our Sucafina Originals, and you’ll be sure to find the beautiful cup and consistent taste of this high-quality coffee from Yunnan, China. In the cup, KongQue is uniform and balanced, with a strong sweetness, body and acidity. Our KongQue blend showcases the incredible potential of Yunnan, a relatively novel coffee region. Most people—even coffee professionals—have not encountered coffee from Yunnan, so our KongQue blend is a unique opportunity to present customers with something entirely new.Yunnan is poised to be a consistent and reliable supplier of clean, balanced coffees. Most coffee in
Yunnan travels through Pu’er where most dry mills are concentrated.
All cherry is selectively handpicked. Like the coffee in this blend, 95% of all coffee produced in Yunnan is Fully washed. Most producers have their own wet mills. Those who don’t sell their cherry to coyotes who either process it themselves or sell to wet mills. Most
producers sell to commercial dry mills that sell coffee to exporters or domestic roasters.