NICARAGUA - Esperanza

Notes: Floral, Brown sugar, Tea-like, Caramel
Farm: Santa Maria de Lourdes
Owner: Peralta family
Location: Neuva Segovia
Varietal: Catuai
Altitude: 1506 masl
Process: Red Honey
Drying Process: 17 Days on raised bed in greenhouse

The Peralta family is based in Ocotal in the region of Nueva Segovia, and run by the “jack-of-all-trades” Julio and Octavio Peralta. The cousins and both their fathers manage several farms located in the region of Nueva Segovia, where the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range separates Nicaragua and Honduras. During the civil war this was the stage of the fighting guerillas, but now the Nueva Segovia is the breeding ground for most of the Cup of Excellence winners in the last decade. Some of the Peralta farms are right on the border, making it possible to step straight onto the land of their Honduran neighbours. All of the finca’s have had a top ranking in the COE somewhere in the last 15 years. The farms harvest throughout December to April, especially in the higher altitude parts of the mountains, the harvest hits much later. 

Nicaragua is interesting in terms of specialty production, as they use traditional methods for applying modern processing methods such as yellow & red honeys. All of the wet processing is done at the farms up in the mountains, but for drying the coffee bags are taken to a centralized Dry Mill. The climate changes drastically about an hour down the mountain, creating the right conditions for finalizing the post-harvest process. The farms are managed centrally from the Mill where the agronomist Edwin goes out to visit them each day of the week.


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