The Wren Bakery

This is our new page to support The Wren Bakery. Over the past year Andrew McBean and Myself have worked closely With Clare and Emma. This Charity is close to my heart help women from all backgrounds.

We do a blend specially for them to use in their cool van. where you will find them on every other Saturday morning 10-2:30. and have now started with a single origin. We are doing our Rwanda Vunga to support the Rwanda appeal we have been doing over the last year and its helped us raise over £2,600. 

The Wren Bakery works with women in Leeds who face multiple barriers every day. Experiences such as poverty, gender based violence, criminal records, addictions and poor mental health may prevent them from participating in the benefits that health and well being bring. We exist to reach these women, and other hidden groups in our city for whom the challenges they face have a devastating impact on their lives and their ability to work.

The Wren Bakery believes in second chances, and sees the potential in each and every one of these women. We aim to empower and equip them to give them hope for a future, and the tools to obtain it.

We are offering two coffees to buy. 

The Wren Bakery Blend - We worked on a seasonal blend to be able to bring a good coffee you can enjoy anytime of the day with a full body and notes of chocolate low acidity.

The Wren Bakery Single Origin - The work towards Shiloh and The Wren Bakery giving back to coffee farmers. This coffee is from Rwanda in Region of Nyabihu. it has note of dark chocolate, plum & apple with rounded and medium acidity this can be enjoyed by everyone. 

a portion of the profits from both go back to The Wren Bakery and Rwanda Appeal.