Rwanda Appeal - Ongoing

In May 2020, Rwandan farmers were affected by heavy rainfall and flash flooding.
28 lives were lost.
Over 300 homes destroyed as well as cattle, crops and washing station. For these farmers, their livelihoods and homes have been destroyed. 
Shiloh Roasters buys coffee from the farmers indirectly through Raw Materials Coffee who do such outstanding work working together with the farmers.
To support the farmers, we bought  4 sacks of two types of coffee from the affected farms which we have now sold out of.  We donated all the profits from the sale of these two coffees and raised over £2,200 all thanks to you. Shiloh added £2 on top for every kilo sold.
Coffee takes 3 yrs to grow before it can be harvested and there is a lot of hard work that goes into this. It is a challenging time to start all over with no crops or home and we will continue supporting the Rwandan farmers by raising money from sales of coffee on our website. We have added a tip button and you can choose to tip to the Rwanda Appeal. 
We thank you so much for your support. We will keep updating you on progress.
The Shiloh Team