5* 250g Bags Coffee Pack

Coffees in the pack

Mabgate Christmas Blend
50% Mexico, Muxbal - Natural Process
50% Rwanda, Gisheke  - Natural Process
Notes: Strawberry, candid papya, fruit and very complex.

Hope Christmas Blend
50% India, Moohley Manay - Red Honey Process

50% Rwanda, Macuba - Washed Process 
Notes: Dark Chocolate, tobacco & maple syurp. Smooth with hints of citrus acidity 

Colombia - Villamaria
Process: Washed
Notes: Nutty, milk chocolate caramel & red apple. Stone fruits acidity.

Kenya - Faith
Process: Washed
Notes: Apple, cherry & Dark Chocolate. Lemon acidity & sweet body.

India - Mooleh Manay

Process:  Anaerobic Natural

Notes: Watermelon, blackberry & plum. Cocoa body & low acidity. 

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