5 Coffee bags (250g) with Free Delivery

5 * 250g bags of coffee. These coffee's are all truly amazing and they will truly tickle your taste buds.

Colombia- Red Associations
Notes: Red apple, cherry & vanilla.

Costa Rica - Café Altura de San Ramon Especial
Notes: kiwi, melon & slightly floral with a clean body.

Kenya- Mutitu

Notes: Plum, raisin, cocoak Nibs. High acidity & fruity                                                               
India - Monsoon Malabar

Notes: Cocoa Power, nutty, round body with a crisp acidity. 

And one of our special subscription coffee from each month.                                                             

Kenya - Mutitu
Notes: Plum, Raisin & Cocoa Nibs

*To find out more about each coffee please look on each page.

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