Cameroon Boyo

Notes:  Sweet spices, milk chocolate, full balanced body with lactic sweetness
Farmer: 50 Farmers from 8 villages
Location: Belo vicinity in Boyo region
Altitude: 1300-2050 MASL
Varietal: Java II & Typica
Process: Washed

Brews: All Brews

Hilltop (local name Cameroon Boyo) started the construction of a pilot micro washing station in June 2013 on a piece of land made available by one of our leading farmers in the town of Belo, using locally available material and personnel. The initial construction consisted of the platform for the pulping machine and the fermentation tank inluding it’s water pipes. A shed was then built to cover the fermentation tank and pulping platform. Several raised drying tables were constructed as coffee ripened and farmers were asked to bring freshly harvested cherries to the pilot station.

The design and setup of the Micro Washing Station takes into account the cultural and historic way in which people work with, and process their coffee. Therefore we chose not to copy and implement designs from, for example: Costa Rican or Rwandan success stories one on one. Instead the design and setup is tailor-made for the Cameroonian situation. The design splits the wet house, warehouse and a drying table portion of the project/process. The initial focus was on improving the drying tables, because it requires less investment, and can reach more farmers in less time. The wet house, a facility with clean water and pulping equipment, used for fermentation and standardized washing, greatly improves the quality. The warehouse is used to store processed parchment hygienically and well ventilated. The Circle of Excellence (CoE) group that runs the Belo Washing station is providing a support role for other Boyo groups in the area.

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