4* 250g Coffee bags - Fruity & Jazzy

Works for all brew methods, we have found the coffees have slightly more interesting notes with drip brews.
These coffees are all beautiful and they will tickle your taste buds.

Ethiopa- Guji Highlands
Natural Process
Notes: Blueberry, blackberry & peach. Very creamy with long floral finish

El Salvodor- El Cipres
Washed Process
Notes: Green apple, caramel, Chocolate & hazelnut with a smooth body

Timor-Leste- Duhoho
Washed Process
Notes: Raspberry, lemon, black pepper and dark chocolate body.

Mabgate Mills Blend-
Blend of Rwanda and Timor-Lestep
Red berry, honey & walnut with a sweet smooth finish

*To find out more about each coffee please look on each page.

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