Christmas 4 bag box, Pre - order sent on 10th December.

This is our new Christmas pack as our first box sold out. This is ideal as a gift box for all coffee drinkers. The box features four very unique coffees from around the world including 3 specially selected single origin coffees to work in all process. This comes packaged in a beautiful magnetic labeled Shiloh gift box and a tote bag.


This amazing gift box includes (4x 250g): 

  • three single origin bags of coffee
  • A Christmas blend

The Coffee:

    • Hope Foundry Christmas BlendChocolate, Caramel & Honey with walnut biscuit & a balanced body finish
    • Timor-Leste, Honey Process- Raimutin - Poached Pear, Nougat with creamy body 
    • Malawi, Washed Process -Satemwa - milk chocolate, red berries & dried fruit with a fruity & medium acidity body
    • Brazil, Natural Process - Bota Fora- Caramel apple, dried dates & hazelnuts. Fruity creamy & velvety body

 *V60 not included in Giftbox

To say thank you for your support this Christmas we are giving back to you. A Raffle will be drawn on the 25th December it is for the person buying the box not gift receiver. 
(Each box is 1 entry, 2 boxes will be 2 entries) 

1st Prize worth £193

  • 3 months coffee subscription (2x 250g bags each month) £37.50
  • Wilfa Svart coffee grinder £100.00
  • Large Coffee Sack Picture £45.00
  • V60 & 100 papers £7.50
  • Tote Bag £3.00

2nd Prize worth £113

  • 3months coffee subscription (2 x 250g bags each month) £37.50
  • Large Coffee Sack Picture £40
  • handmade copper V60 stand £25
  • V60 & 100 papers £7.50
  • Tote Bag £3.00

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