Christmas Gift Box 4 bags - 20% off PREORDER SENT 13th DEC

Our beautiful coffee boxes are back. Each box has 5* 250g bags of carefully selected Christmas  coffee goodness. They work well as a gift to a novice coffee beginner or a coffee connoisseur.  The boxes also come with 

  • A Shiloh tote Bag
  • 2 Chocolate bars from Freedom Chocolate

Coffees Included in Box:

Mabgate Christmas Blend
Origin: 60% Guatemala, Finca Ramirez- Washed &
40% Indonesia, Seko - Washed
Notes: Caramel almonds, sweet honey lemon body. Smooth & complex.

Hope Foundry Christmas Blend
Origin: 50% India - Karadykan - Monsooned
50% Rwanda, Kilimbi- Honey
Notes: Dark Chocolate, warm spices & apple with a fruity undertone. balanced with low acidity

Ethiopia - Halo
Notes: Bergamot, floral, lemongress, sweet maple syurp, Strawberry acidity & tea rose body. This is an 89point coffee

India - Krishna Giri
Process: Natural
Notes:  Chocolate, brown spices, toasted nuts and Cherry



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