Costa Rica- Hacienda Candelaria

Region: Poas
Process: Washed
Notes: Medium Body, nutty, spicy, sweet
Altitude: 1,500 masl
Varietal: Caturra

About the Farm:
Candelaria Estate lies about 40km North West of San Jose in the Province of Alajuela, central Costa Rica. This single estate farm was established in 1965 by Otto Kloeti and still today is managed as a family business that continues to produce high quality coffee for export. The soil in the region is enriched with volcanic ash and organic matter which promote good distribution of the root systems and, in turn, retain moisture and facilitate oxygenation. This combination of characteristics produce coffee of exceptional quality. Plantations span more than 100,000 hectares throughout Costa Rica. More than 70 percent of annual production is harvested from the highlands, at altitudes of 1000-1700 MASL. Average temperatures fluctuate between 17-23C, sunlight is stable and rainfall is optimal, providing the ideal climatic conditions for growing coffee. Producers in Costa Rica are committed to cultivating high quality coffee in a sustainable manner. Coffee production is an essential way of life, and producers dedicate their lives to the plantations they nurture. More than 500,000 people contribute to the cultivation, harvesting and processing of coffee in Costa Rica, and in return benefit from these activities.


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