Nicaragua - El Parasio

Notes: Golden raisin, apple, hazelnut. Creamy and sweet with a chocolate finish.
Altitude:1200-1600 masl 
Varietal:Caturra, Catuaí

About The Farm:Traditionally Jinotega has been known for producing large amounts of lower grade coffee, with specialty coffee production exclusive to large estates with the correct infrastructure and resources. This has now changed; through years of hard work and dedication, Expocamo has been able to inspire dozens of small producers in Jinotega to adapt to deploy the right techniques to produce specialty coffee. Expocamo's work has resulted in the El Paraíso Blend, a mix of high-grown, pure arabica varieties, composed of coffees from different communities in the Jinotega department. The main contributors are producers from the cloud forest of Cerro del Diablo, the tops op El Vúlcan de Yalí and the lush region of Aranjuez.

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