TANZANIA - Ilomba Matunda

NotesChocolate, Dried dates, Strawberry, Tropical Fruit
Farm: Various
Owner: Farmers working Ilomba Best AMCOS
Location: Southern Tanzania
VarietalBourbon, Kent, Typica
ProcessingFully washed
This Fully washed coffee from Ilomba Best AMCOS represents the potential of Tanzanian coffee farmers to produce high quality, washed coffees. By supporting each other and their non-member neighbors, Ilomba Best AMCOS works to improve the entire community alongside their coffee.
This Ilomba Matunda AB is a blend of coffees from smallholder farmers in the Mbozi District in the Songwe Region in Southern Tanzania.  AB describes the size of each green bean in the lot. In both Kenya and Tanzania, parchment is sorted according to bean size using a series of mesh screens that each have a different wire spacing.  In this case, the coffee is mixture of beans of both A and B size that are mixed. Size A beans are those that do not fit through a 6.8-millimeter screen. Size B beans do not fit through a 6.2-millimeter screen.
Part of the Chocolatey & fruity Bundle


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