Nicaragua - Montañita


Micro Lot Special Yellow Honey Process

Notes: Lemon & maracuya passionfruit  with a bright, juicy, sweet finish.
This is a very interesting yellow honey process micro lot.
Farmer: Octavio Perlta
Location: Finca Samaria
Region: San Fernando,
Nueva Segovia
Process: Yellow honey
Altitude: 1320-1450
Varietal: Catuai
Roast: Medium



This is the farm from Octavio Peralta, a beautiful estate all the way at the end of the road going from the town of San Fernando north towards the border of Honduras. It is so close to Honduras that if you walk into the neighboring farm, you have crossed the border. The long curvy road up gives you a beautiful overview of the farm. 

The different farm plots are separated and maintained well, making use of shade trees native to the area, and growing different varieties. This farm mainly grows Caturra and Catuai. Other varieties are Red Bourbon, Pacamara and Java. The coffee growing area is 45 Ha. There is another 85 Ha of forest area. In the middle of the farm you can find the washing station that during the peak of the harvest season processes washed, honey and natural coffees. The biggest challenge of Samaria is getting the coffee down during the harvest. With rain and mud on the road 4×4 trucks are necessary to get the coffee to the San Ignacio mill in Mozonte for drying.

The Peralta family creates micro lots based on geographically separated farm plots and uniformity in plant variety. In comparison with other producers that might use moments in time to separate coffee. These Nicaraguan micro lots really show the difference in micro climates and soils and highlight the best of what the coffee has to offer.

The farm plot Montañita can be found on the highest hillside of Samaria, running away from the wetmill. Two years ago when we took the photo of this specific farmplot, the trees were still quite young. This lot is the first real harvest coming of this completely new farmplot, with excellent altitude. From this point in the farm you are able to see sister farm Santa Maria de Lourdes just across the valley.

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