Kenya - Migori

Tastes Like: Strawberry, stone fruit & juniper berry with fruity juicy body.

Altitude:  1400 - 1700 masl
Varieties:  Blur Mountain
Process:   Anaerobic Natural
Region: Western Kenyan


The Context The natural anaerobic coffee involves a carefully monitored process, where one half of the period involves cherries being dried partially to intensify the flavors and develop unique characteristics in the beans. During the next half of the processing period, the partially dried cherries are transferred to fermentation tanks under the watchful eye of Flo, the farm manager at Misadhi Mill. Flo diligently monitors the temperature and moisture content of the coffee to ensure optimal conditions for fermentation. Maintaining a delicate balance is crucial, as slight variations can significantly impact the final product. Akinyi Shamba project has significantly impacted this region, by sharing knowledge on how to elevate coffee through alternative processing methods. Misadhi growers and Akinyi shamba project are a shining example of how collaboration and innovation can not only elevate coffee production, but also improve the livelihoods of the farmers.


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