Kenya Mutitu AA

Notes: Plum, Raisin & Cocoa Nibs

High Acidity, very fruity

Producer: Co-operative members
Location: Giathugu, Nyeri
Altitude (m): 2000 MASL
Process: Washed and Sun Dried
Varieties: SL28 & SL34

Brew: Suitable for Areopress, V60, Chemex, Cafetiere & cold brew.

The best coffees in Kenya are produced by the cooperatives of which there are around 300 comprised of between half a million to 600,000 smallholder members. About 60% of Kenya’s coffee is produced on cooperatives with estates and plantations making up the balance. Typically a smallholding or ‘shamba’ is comprised of shade-grown coffee, a house, the family cow and a good variety of vegetables and fruit for the use of the family.

The Mutitu factory is located in Giathugu around 4km away from the town of Murkurwe-ini in Nyeri. This factory, along with Mihuti, Igutua, Giathugu, Mweru, Kanyiriri, Gumba and Karunda make up the Rugi Farmers Coop Society. There are 639 members who deliver coffee cherries to the Mutitu factory who each have on average around 1 acre of land for coffee growing alongside macadamia, beans and maize.

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