Peru - El Locura

Notes: Dark chocolate, stone fruit & honey. 
Fruity body & sweet medium acidity.

Location: Pasco
: Bourbon, Catucai, Caturra, Colombia
Altitude: 1,800 meters above sea level
Process:  Natural

The cup profile of this Natural lot was so fantastic that everyone ‘went mad’ about it, leading father-son duo Elias and Litman Inga to name this coffee “La Locura” meaning “something crazy.” With notes of tropical fruit, citrus and caramel, we agree that this lot is ‘crazy good.’

Elias Inga and his son Litman have worked with 7 Elements since 2017. In 2021, after attending a 7 Elements training on special processing methods, they decided to try Natural processing for the first time. The results were so good and the cup quality so great that everyone ‘went mad’ about the coffee and Elias and Litman decided to name is “La Locura” meaning “something crazy.

Their farm is located in the buffer zone around Yanachaga-Chemillin National Park. Coffee trees are shded by tropical trees, including tropical walnut, Robles and Ulcumano trees, avocado trees and nitrogen-fixing trees like the Inca Pacay. Microclimates in the Oxapampa-Ashaninka-Yanesha Biosphere Reserve are highly variable. An altitude change of as little as 100 meters can result in completely different climates and ecologies. Due to this variability, 7 Elements groups farms by location
and by local ecological features to help express the unique conditions that contributed to each coffee.

Elias and Litman selectively handpick ripe, red cherry Post-Harvest and process is on their farm. They float cherry to remove any over or underripes and then move cherry
to parabolic drying beds. Cherry is laid in thin layers on raised beds to sundry. Elias and Litman turn cherry frequently to ensure even drying and sort through
drying cherry to remove any defects. It takes approximately 3 weeks for cherry to dry. Once dry, cherry rests in GrainPro bags for at least 4 weeks.

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