Peru - Carranza

Notes: Quince, peach, champagne. Layers of stone fruit flavours are supported by a juicy citrus acidity

Farm: Santo Tomas, Cutervo, Cajamarca

Owner: Serapio Carranza Carrasco

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1800 masl

Varietal: Caturra, Typica & Catimor

About the farm: Serapio Carranza Carrasco is the owner of a 4 hectare farm in the Santo Tomas area of Cutervo, located south of the city of Jaen. Serapio has various parcels of coffee, planted with caturra, typica and some catimor. He processes his coffee in his farm, before drying it on tarpaulin lined patios. There has been coffee production in Santo Tomas for a number of years, but due to its location it has been isolated with little investment in producer support and infrastructure and infamous for low quality coffee. Despite the reputation, Santo Tomas has a lot of potential for quality coffee and a distinct profile compared to other areas of Cajamarca. Serapio’s farm is located in an area with ideal growing conditions, but he and many other producers in the area still lack knowledge and infrastructure to take their coffee to the next level, but these lots show the potential that this area holds.

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