5* 250g bags Summer coffee pack

Coffees in the pack

Mabgate Mills Blend
Origin: 60% Burundi, Izuba - Natural &
40% Rwanda, Vunga - Washed
Notes: Red berry, sweet stewed plum, caramel & chocolate with a balanced body

Brazil - Bom Jesus
Process: Natural
Notes: Balanced acidity and hints of milky chocolate and caramel

Indonesia- Buntu Ledo
Process: Washed
Notes: Blackcurrant leaf, rhubarb, complex, sweet to medium acidity.

Rwanda - Shyria
Process: Washed 
Notes: Pomelo citrus fruit, red apple & honeysuckle. High acidity & very complex

Hope Foundry Blend
50% Rwanda Muraho
50% India Monsooned Malabar