5* 250g Bags Coffee Pack

Coffees in the pack

Mabgate Mills Blend
60% Guatemala, Pedro Necta- Washed

40% Indonesia, Seko - Washed
Notes: Almond, Toffee, citrus fruity & complex

Costa Rica - Finca Frailes
Process: Red Honey
Notes: Apple pie, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, Lemon, Plum, Sweet & Sugary.

Inida - Baba Budan
Process: washed
Notes:  Chocolate, brown spices and Cherry. Bright & medium body

Ethiopia - Halo
Process: Washed
Notes: Bergamot, floral, lemongress, sweet maple syurp, Strawberry acidity & tea rose body

Hope Foundry Blend
Origin: 50% India - Karadykan - Monsooned
50% Rwanda, Kilimbi- Honey
Notes: Dark chocolate orange, warm spices & apple with a fruity undertone. balanced with low acidity.