Notes: Clementine, caramel & brazil nut. Fruity & sweet.
Areas: Santurio, El Aguila & Pereira 
Location: Risaralda
Varietal: Colombia Caturra, Castillo 
Altitude: 14090 - 2000
Process: Washed &, Sugarcane Decaf

Decaf process overview

Washed Process, Sugarcane Decaf
Sugar cane decaffeination is often termed as a natural
process decaf. Ethyl Acetate is an organically existing
compound (C4H8O2) and by-product found most
commonly in the fermentation of fruits, and is present
in both ripe bananas and beer for example.
The plant we work with in Colombia uses water from
the Navado del Ruis (a volcano between Caldas and
Tolima) and natural ethyl acetate from fermented
sugarcane sourced in the southern region of Palmira,
Colombia. This process begins with steaming of the
coffee, increasing its porosity, beginning the hydrolysis
of caffeine, which is usually bonded to salts and
chlorogenic acid in the bean.
The beans are then submerged in an ethyl acetate
solvent, until 97% of the caffeine is removed. A final
steam is then used to lift residual traces of the
compound. The ultimate residue which remains is ≥ 30
ppm, which is a level dramatically less than that of a


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