About us

We love coffee and Shiloh Coffee Roasters came about as a result of loving coffee, God and people. After a couple of years learning about coffee, roasting and hospitality, Shiloh Coffee Roasters was born. We began in March 2016 and have seen and learnt more about coffee in the process.

The coffee world is changing and we are excited to be part of a community that ensures that farmers are paid well for their work. Farmers are paid a price that reflects their crop but never below the standard rate.This means that farmers lives are greatly improved and they have a reason to enjoy farming coffee. We believe that a good cup of coffee should not come at the expense of the farmer or the roast and that is why here at Shiloh we work with ethically sourced coffee from farmers around the world. We are looking to provide sustainable livelihoods to those who work hard growing their crops and also to those who are starting out on new farms. We love people and we believe that everyone should have a life that is filled with all the basic needs like water, food and clothing as well as education and hospital care. We are constantly looking at ways to make this happen so that coffee farmers and communities surrounding farmers are changed through that cup of coffee.

We are always looking to improve that cup of coffee in your hand so that it tastes like it should do. We are always learning and pushing ourselves to get that amazing cup so that you can enjoy really excellent coffee.

As well as being ethical in sourcing our coffee, we are trying as a company to ensure that we follow ethical business principles in all areas. We use biodegradable paper cups & lids, recyclable sandwich bags and coffee bags where possible. We encourage people to bring their own mugs for coffee as well as own containers to buy beans. We also feel that our ethics should be shown to our staff and we pay them above living wage.