The team

Owned and managed by Mark and Jean Armstrong. 

Mark, a chef for the past 15 years, grew up drinking instant coffee but over the past four years since moving to Leeds has learnt more about freshly roasted coffee. Leading a church refreshments team and having a desire to serve great coffee to friends, we felt that it was right to go into coffee roasting. As a chef Mark strongly believes in serving customers food good food and the same ethos applies with regards to coffee.Mark roasts coffee that is ethically sourced. He roasts, cups and ensures that the coffee tastes great before sending it out. 

Jean, a photographer, is more a tea drinker but loves sampling the coffee. Her and Mark are in a competition to see who can taste the flavours in a cup of coffee. Having helped her husband in the catering industry, she is now excited to be part of the coffee industry. Jean can be found working on the technology side of the business as well as the accounts and updating the website.