INDIA - Krishnagiri

Notes:  Peach, nutty & chocolate. Clean, sweet & orange acidity.

Country: India
Estate: Krishnagiri
Region: Chickmangalur Karnataka
Elevation: 1500 M.A.S.L
Process: Red Honey
Producer: Himakirthi Gowda
Importer: South India Coffee Co (sicc)

About the Plantation: 
About the Farm - Legend has it that a fakir, Baba Budan, smuggled seven coffee beans on his journey from Persia to India and planted those seeds on a mountain, now called Baba Budan Giri, situated along the Chandradrona Hills. Lush green Krishna giri plantation may have originated from those seven beans that grew to be amongst India's first recorded coffee plantations. The plantation is privately held by Boje Gowda and managed by his son Himakirthi Gowda. the estate is equipped with drying yards and a washing station.

The coffee cherries are handpicked and at the end of each day's harvest, they pass
through a siphon where the floats, half yellows and green beans are separated. Following which the ripe cherries are fermented and the skin is removed keeping the muscliage intact using a pulper, the coffee is then sent to the drying patios where they are dried in natural sunlight for 10 -12 days depending on the weather. The coffees are raked regularly and covered in the evenings.


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