India - Monsooned Malabar

Roast: Full body (darkest roast)

Notes:  Chocolate, Tobacco, warm spices. full body, crispy acidity.
Varietals: S9 , Catuai , Chandragiri & S795.
Altitude: 950

Coffee info: 

Monsoon season starts in End May / June and goes on for June/July/Aug, sometimes Mid Sept. The coffees are monsooned and processed during the above months and are generally available till Dec, sometimes till March. The Monsoon coffee has to be produced in the coastal region since the humidity in the coastal region in India is high during the monsoon period. The coffee is stored in warehouses and factories in the Port City of Mangalore.

Good quality A and AA grades of Arabica Cherry coffee are procured from various growers. Usually it is difficult to get the entire lot of A / AA from a single grower. Hence the lot will be made up from coffee of many growers. Our coffee is grown in Chikmagalur. This coffee is then transported to the coastal area and then it is subjected to the entire process of Monsooning.


Legend has it that Monsoon Coffee was developed by accident. The story goes that in the days of the sailing ships Arabica Cherry AB Coffee bound for the Scandinavian countries encountered torrential rain at the coastal curing units, then enroute to the port of shipment and also across the high seas to its ultimate destination, so much so that the Coffee changed its characteristics completely on arrival.

Fearing a complaint from the overseas buyer the exporter found to his pleasant surprise that the Coffee was appreciated and with Monsoon Malabar Coffee came into existence. Gradually the process of monsooning was streamlined and presently undergoes a sequence of sophisticated operations. This includes subjecting the principal grades of both Arabica and Robusta Cherry Coffee to a series of specialized processes under controlled and scientific conditions at our coastal establishment in order to impart the right degree of monsooning.

During the process of monsooning, the Coffee undergoes certain biological changes; bloats to almost twice its size; changes its texture and colour to pale gold and above all acquires a unique flavour and quality. The process of course is a intricate and elaborate one involving indirect exposure of the Coffee to the atmospheric conditions throughout the monsoon which requires ample facilities to be available for the exercise. It is during this period, that the wind- force, moisture content and humidity controls are expertly monitored and controlled to produce optimum results. The Coffee is then polished to add on a luster to the beans; mechanically graded to remove imperfections; densimetrically separated to extract light beans and the defectives are finally sorted out either electronically or manually to maintain perfection. The price grades obtained out of Monsoon Coffee are classified as follows:

Monsoon Coffee figures in the segment of Specialty Coffees and commands a premium in niche markets for its extra bold size and for the excellent properties it possesses in the cup for satisfying the requirements of Espresso Coffee the world over. It is a truly connoisseurs delight.



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