New machines make bulk order processing more efficient
May 01, 2024

New machines make bulk order processing more efficient

It's an exciting time at the roastery as Mark has new toys and they're going to save loads of time when we're processing big orders.

Our (really) shiny new automatic weighing scale arrived this month and Mark's excited to be able to put it to use. It really reduced the time it took him to bag up the latest order for Jurang last week.

It came with an automatic loader. Sadly we haven't captured any footage of that bit in use yet but it's like a giant vacuum cleaner just for coffee. It sucks up the roasted coffee beans ready to drop them into the automatic scale, which in turn weighs them out into their bags. It can either load the beans from its own floor-standing hopper or from a separate container (which feels a bit like we're really doing the vacuuming).

And we've got an additional heat sealer to seal our bags which, along with the other additions, means we can now have two work stations operating at once to fulfil all your lovely orders.

This will be particularly useful when we have bulk orders to send out. Mark's looking forward to using them to their full potential.

Watch our video to see Mark putting together and the automatic scale: