Celebrating Kenyan coffee and supporting the farmers who grow it
May 24, 2024

Celebrating Kenyan coffee and supporting the farmers who grow it

Since Mark and Jean returned from Kenya, they've been working behind the scenes to put together a celebration of Kenyan coffee, featuring everything from coffee tasting and drinking to providing practical support to the farmers who grow our beans. And now, they're ready to share the plans.

From this month until August, we'll be showcasing some of the best coffee Kenya has to offer and well as making a financial contribution that will make a real difference to the farmers working with Lot 20, our ethical coffee supplier in the country.

Here's the lowdown on what we're doing:

Monthly focus coffee

Each month until August we're be showcasing a different Kenyan coffee, starting with the Kenya - Ainabtany, which is currently available from our online shop. These coffees will be available to buy individually from our website, as well as being featured in our coffee subscriptions each month. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Lot 20 fundraising

From May to August, we're raising money to help Lot 20 buy new prototype fabricated drying racks to replace their existing wooden racks, which degrade quickly and need regularly replacing. The new racks would last longer, making Lot 20's operations more sustainable. We're hoping to raise £300 towards the project.

For all one-off sales of Kenyan coffees between May and August, we'll donate £2 per kilo bag and £1 per box or 250g bag.

We're also giving any customers who would like to the opportunity to donate to Lot 20. You can find a section at the checkout when you place your next order, which will allow you to add a donation of your choice to your payment.

Kenyan Day at the roastery

On June 15, we're holding a Kenyan Day at the roastery. Visitors will have the chance to sample the 10 top coffees Mark discovered while in Kenya and find out more about them. There'll also be the chance to get your hands on some exclusive souvenirs, with proceeds going to our Lot 20 fundraiser. You'll also be able to donate to the fundraiser. And, importantly, there'll be cakes!

The fun starts at 10am and there's no requirement to register but it would help with cake supplies if as many people as possible could let us know if they plan to come by emailing mark@shilohroasters.com

Kenyan coffee souvenirs

We'll be selling the exclusive, handmade Kenyan coffee mugs and espresso cups Mark and Jean brought back from their travels. These mugs were handcrafted and hand glazed for Shiloh by a company called Kazuri using Kenyan clay. We've already sold a couple but we've got a cappuccino mug and nine espresso mugs available. In Mark's words, "They're very unique and very cool." The proceeds from these will go to our Lot 20 fundraiser.

We hope these activities will help to give our fabulous customers a taste of what makes Kenyan coffee great, as well as providing an opportunity to join us in supporting the farmers who grow it and championing the ethical approach in our supply chain.