Roasting coffee for a hat-wearing dog
April 19, 2024

Roasting coffee for a hat-wearing dog

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the roastery with some big orders going out and this one generated a lot of excitement - as well as hard work - for all the family.

A stock of many 250g bags of coffee with Shiloh Coffee Roasters logo on the front, piled up in four rows waiting to be boxed up.

Shiloh was chosen by coffee subscription curators Dog & Hat to showcase its roasting in the April deliveries sent out to customers. If you haven't come across the work of Dog & Hat before, they source coffees from roasters across the country and send out a selection each month to their subscribers, enabling them to go on a flavour-packed journey around the coffee-producing world and the roasteries of the United Kingdom.

Shiloh was one of four roasteries selected to feature in this month's subscription, alongside Steampunk Coffee Roasters, Carringtons Coffee Co and Doe & Fawn Coffee Roasters.

Mark first met the Dog & Hat team at Caffè Culture, the only dedicated trade event for the UK specialty coffee and cafe bar industries, in 2022 and subsequently sent them a sample he's roasted for them, which ultimately led to Shiloh being chosen to feature in a subscription delivery.

His contribution to this month's subscriptions featured 250g bags of Burundi Kibingo washed yeast coffee, alongside a Burundi decaf for those who enjoy their coffee without the caffeine. He's also produced a blend for Dog & Hat featuring coffee from Peru, Brazil and India. And, if that wasn't exciting enough, he's provided subscribers with a 30g Robusta coffee sample sourced from the South India Coffee Co too. That's a lot of coffee.

Image taken from behind of Mark and his two children carrying a box of coffee to their car

After a lot of hard work to roast, grind and bag all that coffee, and load it into the car with the help of the children, Mark was excited to travel from Whitehaven to York this week to deliver the order in person and make sure it arrived safely at its initial destination ready to be posted out individual subscribers.

Mark says: "It's an honour to be selected by Dog & Hat and to be able to showcase to a new audience some of the coffees from growers we work with around the world.

"We hope the subscribers enjoy our coffees and we look forward to hearing what feedback they have for us."

You can watch Mark working on fulfilling the order in this YouTube video: