Meet coffee farmer Faith
April 07, 2024

Meet coffee farmer Faith

Kenyan farmer faith standing in her farm

This is Faith. Mark's roasted coffee from her farm in the Mount Kenya region in the past. Perhaps you've tried it. Faith was one of the farmers Mark and Jean visited during their travels in that area of Kenya.

Faith usually has 60 sacks of coffee to sell each year, and the funds from that play a big part in helping to run the farm. But this year, sadly, she's had 32 of those sacks stolen, leaving her with less than half her coffee harvest to sell.

Mark says: "She's a Christian lady. We love her faith and we love the way she is with the community. She makes a good amount of money from her coffee normally but she's going to struggle this year."

Working closely with the farmers who grow our coffee means that Mark and Jean get to know about the challenges they face, from crimes such as this to natural disasters and anything else that impacts their coffee growing and, ultimately, their livelihoods.

Kenyan farmer faith talks to a group of visitors alongside coffee drying racks on her farm

By knowing about these challenges, they can consider what they might be able to do to support farmers like Faith, who are integral to Shiloh's work.

That kind of personal relationship is a key benefit of sourcing our beans as directly as we can is key to our mutual success. Put simply, without farmers like Faith supplying high-quality beans, Shiloh wouldn't be able to do what it does.